“Mark was always a pleasure to manage, always bringing a positive, can-do attitude to his work. His need to keep content fresh and innovative meant he was always on top of the changing needs. ”

Daniel Barr, Social Media Manager


Services covered


  • Social Media content on:
    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – YouTube
  • Blog editing
  • Content curation
  • Blog writing



What Content Mammal does


Content Mammal got stuck in on a daily basis creating fun and engaging content across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Here we collaborated with a huge team, including talented animators Tom & Steve and we briefed them to get incredible, timely and fun content for our followers. 

Content Mammal had to get images ready and prepped, had to build up football matches and other sports and covered live games too in a clever and factual way. Our reach grew from 33K followers to over 100K followers on Twitter and the results were fantastic.  

One moment of pride for the Mammal was when Gary Lineker himself retweeted a tweet, making it go viral, particularly when Harry Kane also got involved in the action. 


Here are links to some tweets:





This tweet went viral as Gary Lineker himself retweeted with a witty answer, generating 3K retweets, spreading Unibet’s brand. The original tweet was witty, timely and accurate.

We then replied with him re signing for his old club, generating further retweets, including one from Harry Kane himself, asking for Lineker to take the number 9 shirt. 

Man United v Chelsea



This tweet is one I was particularly proud of. I commissioned it prior to Manchester United v Chelsea, and Mourinho’s first game against his old club for Man United. It was also timed with the release of a new Star Wars movies so it ticked all the boxes. A simple giff, but with deadly consequences.

Big signing


Adding to the story can be simple as above and fun. Just imagining what can be bought for the price of one footballer is ridiculous, but funny.

Match build up


A build up to the story that is about to unfold is important as it is like a trip to the cinema. You always check the youtube advert. 

Match review


For a massive tournament like Euro 2016 we decided to create short vines to summarise each and every game in a funny way with solid copy. This told the story in a quick manner, but when the copy was done properly, we achieved good results. Since live content is everything, these videos needed to be released minutes after the final whistle. Timing is key as the game is still discussed for hours after.


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