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Services covered

  • Blog posts
  • Page re writes
  • New Core Pages
  • Interviews


What Content Mammal does


EcoMarine Malta offered the Mammal a unique chance to re-write core pages on the website, ensuring the copy is modern, SEO friendly and attractive for the reader. 

Content Mammal has log-in details and can edit the site as pleased, which is superb for faster creativity and less confusion. This way we have full control of the copy and content which is a good way of working.

I write blog posts for the marine life-loving company, and this subject area suits Content Mammal very well, as I literally belong in the sea too! Interviews are also important for pages like this so that clients and visitors know more about the super individuals behind the projects. It is a friendly way of getting to know a company and trust is built easily.


Content for Ecomarine malta


To view my content for EcoMarine Malta, click this link to follow the Environment and Research section: