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Services covered

  • Monthly blog for environmental research
  • Email Marketing campaigns
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • News post
  • Ad-hoc copy
  • Images for blog


What Content Mammal does


This is a very unique copy-task as I write the Research and Conservation blog for the Malta National Aquarium. Having a passion for everything wet helps, as I love scuba diving, love the environment and love to make a difference to the world.

Each month I pick a relevant topic, and we discuss it in the blog, be it the climate crises, the Australian bushfires, coral reefs, overfishing and many more. It is vital for me to stay on top of the game and throughout my life, I research and read up on the environment on a daily basis. I also listen to podcasts and watch countless documentaries about planet Earth.

Here, my passion comes into play and this is ideal for our readers who can feel this rub off on to them.

Catchy and inviting social media copy is also provided, and this is necessary to attract clicks, to stop people from scrolling and make them dive into the new world of reading.

Mailshots are also used, and once again providing inviting copy here supports the texts and ensures we get clicks and readers… which is all for the good of the world.


Content for The malta national aquarium


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