“Mark is instrumental as our storyteller at Te fit-Tazza. His understanding and respect for our creative process allows a two-way communication stream that helped us translate out thinking and concepts in well-articulated words within the tone of voice of our brand.”

Andrew Farrugia, co-founder of TfT and general badass

Services covered

  • Email Marketing copy
  • Social Media copy
  • Exhibition texts
  • Blog posts
  • Company DNA write-ups

What Content Mammal does

We need to always ensure this brand stays relevant on social media and email platforms, and that the copy created is trending and modern. It is vital that our audience “gets it” and relates to the copy, so understanding the DNA of this brand is essential to the work provided.

The exhibition gave us a whole new challenge as we had to capture the story of the company and the artists over a span of time – and the joy of seeing it all come together was fantastic. People at the exhibition saw a space where art was displayed, fun was had and the right words sewed it all together seamlessly.

Copy works in that way, it has a subtle, indirect effect on the space it occupies.

The same thought is applied for our email send-outs. They are fun, stylish and relevant, and indirectly push our readers to think about the overall story, and the products featured


Content for Te fit-Tazza


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