Souvenirs That Don’t Suck


“Apart from having a heart of gold and a refreshingly positive outlook on life, working with Mark has always been a super smooth process, he gets our concept and vision, and uses a tone of voice that really captivates the vibe for our two brands. He is super efficient, great listener and always willing to help out in any way possible, both to fulfill his tasks to exceptional ability as well as helping with looking at ways to help us grow our business. We genuinely know that Mark has our best interests at heart. ”

Craig MacDonald, co-founder and general badass

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  • Email Marketing copy
  • Branding elements for copy
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What Content Mammal does

The very first thing we had to do here was give this vibrant brand a voice. The copy for each post is derived from this tone of voice, and this is aided by the creation of a fictional character Chalie, who is the voice of the brand.

It is Chalie’s words that you read on the monthly mailshots and his story is ongoing, alive and funny. We can relate to him, and often see bits of ourselves in him, and as his story is live, we must always stay relevant to current topics. Chalie is Maltese, of the same age as the target attitude, he’s artistic and loves the complexities of social life. His story in itself can grow on and on, as the brand does so too, so we’ve created an infinite way of pushing the brand’s story, in a fun and human way.

x Chalie


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