Malta Surf School



Valerio Cicconi, owner, surfer and ocean lover


 Services covered

  • 🏄 Blog posts
  • 🏄 SEO optimized texts
  • 🏄 General copy



What Content Mammal does 🌸

Cicco Surf School wanted to ensure the brand was top spot on google when people search for surfing in Malta, and the main project which Content Mammal got involved in was SUP – Stand Up Paddle. Being a keen surfer myself, pairing up with this team and providing content for a surf school is literally the stuff of dreams.

Our blog posts which are shared on Cicco’s website built up the newly popular sport in a tiered process. First we worked to bring exposure to the sport, and bring it to people’s mind, telling them how easy and fun it is and also telling them how great Cicco is, which was the easy part.

We then made explanatory content for the sport, breaking down the terminology, the rules and the tips for how to surf – essentially reading guides before you take to the board. 

Finally, Content Mammal provided copy for the tours the school did, which also meant I got to enjoy the tours myself too – and I can’t wait to go again! 

Content for Malta Surf School 🏄