Archi +

Services covered

  • Entire copy for new website

What Content Mammal did

When Archi + were in a state of transition they called me to sort out all the copy for their brand new website. They were at an exciting period of a new office move as well as launching a new website. 

The main bulk of this task was to rewrite all the copy for designs. I was provided with images and designs of new houses, renovations, interiors and the fun part was to give these images words.

Each image is a collection of words, a story ready o be told if you can unravel it. When it comes to design, this gets even more exciting as you can see the work and thought process of the architect.

Looking at the task from this point of view made it fun, and deliverable and each site has unique, bespoke copy to complement it and help the reader understand what the architect was trying to achieve before the reader even steps into the building.

Having a passion for design and love for architecture helped here, and I managed to make the buildings’ design speak to their audience in a new way, explaining choices made, materials chosen and the effect each building leaves on the public.