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Whale hello there 🥁

I’m Mark and I love writing and I love people. I write for awesome companies, bridging the gap between them and their target attitude.

I can help your company feel more real and tangible to your audience.

Your words say everything about you, so you want to get your online text spot on. As a creative writer, I help awesome companies like yours connect with their audiences by getting to know you guys well, enabling me to connect better with your clients. 

Check me out on my About Me page and let’s connect on social media too!

😍 Your adventure


Content Mammal lives in a world surrounded by exciting brands, ideas and people. The working world gets busy and often we forget to tell our brands’ stories and experiences. This is the most important part of your marketing strategy, as after all stories have been around forever. Back in the day they used ballads, and while I can sing for you I think we’ll go mainstream deliver your whole DNA to your customer base in any written form. Think social media, email, websites or any other form of written advertising.

My client base is a nice mixed bag that includes:

💡 Creative artists

💡 Shops

💡 Start ups

💡 Established firms

💡 Nightclubs

💡 Restaurants…

… and more since I like to keep things fresh. Scroll down to check out our current client list, and get ready to add yours to the growing list of stories. 

Get in touch with the Content Mammal and let’s get your adventure penned down. The process is easy, and involves sitting down for a coffee (or beer!) Having fun is a huge part of what we do, so let’s share a laugh so I can start to share your story. 

I write copy and texts so you don’t have to — and you can enjoy having your writer’s block at the beach, drinking rum.

Relax, you do your thing, and I’ll do mine.


🚀 Let’s get started!


Send me an email to and let’s start – I won’t bite (unless you ask nicely)

Once you contact me we can meet up and I can start making a plan, getting to know your brand and your target customer base perfectly so I can deliver your story to them and keep them abreast with your current promotions and developments. It only takes one quick meeting to get the ball rolling.


The process:

📧 – 🤝 – 🌩 – 🍻 – 🖋 – ✅ – 🍹

  (Email – meet – brainstorm – present – write – publish – relax)


👊 Content Mammal’s diet:

Te fit-Tazza

Social Media content, exhibition text, e-mailers and overall brand copy.

Souvenirs that Don’t Suck

Brand identity with new character, social media content, email stories and promos.

Archi +

All copy for a brand new website


A blog mapping the early days of their development

The Malta National Aquarium

Environmental research and conservation blog and social media content

Cafe del Mar

A monthly blog showing the events and stories

La Nave Bistro

A blog showing the life of the restaurant

Pro Sailing Malta

A monthly blog promoting sailing courses

EcoMarine Malta

Social Media and blog posts involving marine research around the Maltese Islands


Social Media Community Management for the world of Sports across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Email marketing copy, SMS marketing copy, match previews for Brentford FC, Norwich FC and  Leicester Tigers

Malta Surf School

Blogging for a surf school! SEO optimized content to be used on their main website and social media channels

🐋 The greatest adventure: Vincent and the Whale


Content Mammal also has its own children’s book: Vincent and the Whale, written by me, Mark Strijbosch. Its a thrilling adventure for kids aged eight, right up to adulthood, as remember: an adult is just an over grown child. 

Jump aboard the Island Dog, an old wooden tall ship, and embark on a mission like no other. Join the young and energetic Vincent in his quest to save a friendly humpback whale which has been trapped and caught in a fishing net, off the coast of Japan. 

This nautical tale takes Vincent and the reader across the globe towards the South East Pacific, starting off on the shores of New Zealand. The crew members island-hop and sail the seas  up to Japan, where their very risky and dangerous mission is set to take place.

The book is available right now on Amazon, both in print and as an e-book for Kindle.

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